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Welcome to the Web pages for Gary McCready's campaign for the 2005 Westfield, NJ Board of Education.

Thanks for visiting my website, which will hopefully allow you to get to know me, and what I would bring to the Westfield Board of Education.

New: Please check out the  Curriculum, Budget and Technology articles which have annotations  to what was published in the Leader.

 I would like to know more about what Westfield wants for its schools. Please fill out one of surveys below, adding as many comments you would like to about each survey area. The comments will allow me to better understand the diverse ideas of this community.

To simply fill out the surveys, please click on a link  below below for the survey you want:

The short version should take about 5 minutes or less for most people, the longer version about 20 minutes. Both surveys are anonymous unless you enter contact information at the end.

Shorter Version: Westfield, NJ education  survey

Longer Version: Westfield, NJ education survey

Either survey will take longer if you have many opinions to add.

After you have filled out the survey, you may click on the below link to start your email program (in most cases) if you would like to send the survey to people you know who are concerned about the schools and taxes that pay for them.

Send email re: Education Survey at

If the link does not work for you, please just ask folks to visit

If you are  interested in helping the campaign, please click on the survey below, which will record your name and contact information so we may get back to you in the future

Click here to leave your name and contact info


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